Who too has loved the new music and the new music video of Lucy Hale?

hiatus, why do you exist?

I miss them together like this :(

I could not resist posting this picture of Troian Bellisario / / Spencer Hastings

I don’t wanna to lose you

penngin said: I think that A made Ezra go to the leir. That’s why Ezra was angry because he thought the A messages had stopped. Maybe the girls did get a movie that Ezra enter the leir, and they then believe that Ezra was A.

is a good argument, especially for us who simply can not believe that Ezra is A, I hope you’re right, the truth, and that the next episode will answer our questions. Ezra is A? Why would Ezra A? many questions no answers

Anônimo said: I am absolutely saddened by all that has happened in pretty little liars, I need to see aria and ezra together!

I need too :(